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 Olaf Falafel, Barry Ferns, Dominic Frisby, Nick Hall, Alex Kealy, Leo Kearse, Laura Lexx, Rory O’Keeffe, Sid Singh

Welcome to Textual Healing PR’s Edinburgh Fringe 2018 acts


a Swedish comedian talking about dolphins (Olaf Falafel);

a comedian who once renamed himself Lionel Ritchie, was bankrupted by the Fringe and who crowdfunded a purpose-built comedy club from scratch (Barry Ferns);

a financial game show offering cash, bitcoin cash and silver bullion prizes (Dominic Frisby);

a performer who is acting out the life of Britain’s only assassinated PM (Nick Hall);

an act who has found the link between the economy and depression (Alex Kealy);

a show that bashes liberals (Leo Kearse);

a show making infertility and mental health subjects for comedy (Laura Lexx);

an expert in falling in love, and who is offering audiences three alternative show endings (Rory O’Keeffe);

a comic who is exposing the racism in Silicon Valley (Sid Singh).


Images can be downloaded from here


Watch this space for a day scheduler that includes all of these shows by timeslot and venue.