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A number of clients have approached me for short blogs to engage people with their website and give context to their product.

Commissions have been as diverse as blogging for coffee machine cleaning products, shopping and entertainment centres, an environmental garden supplies company, a pet insurance company and so on.

The criteria for the blogs has ranged from short informative ‘how-to’ pieces to more wide-ranging feature. For example, a client who sold lava lamps benefited from their product being set in the context of a blog entitled ‘how to style your home the Mad Men way’.

Blogging allows a freer-reign than many written mediums, but has to be disciplined enough to carry a coherent message for a comprehensive engagement with the client. Inevitably many of these blogs are SEO driven with the most specific of phrases required to be woven into a free-flowing narrative to enable search engines to clearly identify the subject of a blog entry and readers to still find it engaging. It’s certainly an art form and precision is key when including keywords into narrative/copy for a blog while keeping the style natural.

With search engines dominating the way people find and engage with the World Wide Web taking advantage of SEO will give a return on investment.